It’s an internationally-known fact that mothers are the best people in the world. In the Philippines, they are known as the ilaw ng tahanan, which translates into “light in the home”. This belief stems from the fact that without mothers, no one would exist. The sad truth is we often take all their efforts for […]

Strolling the streets of Davao during Kadayawan isn't an easy task. The sun will be scorching and the streets will be packed. Last year, I experienced my first Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan and I wasn't that prepared. It was still amazing, though. As it's almost been a year since my first coverage as a blogger, I'm […]

That’s what DDI makes you experience: Beauty, in all forms. You meet the most colorful and beautiful people. You will experience beautiful events and you will realize the beauty in the smallest of things.

They say that millennials barely think about getting their own houses but let me tell you this: Verdon Parc will probably change every millennial’s mind about owning something. Located in Ecoland, Verdon Parc’s luminous clubhouse will draw anyone in. Once you step inside, though, you are definitely done for. The building’s high ceiling and restort-esque […]

If we’re being totally honest, most millennials rarely talk about financial planning and investing in something for the future. It is often construed as a lot of work… and I’m no exception. I honestly have no idea about financial management. When I first started receiving paychecks, I almost always end up spending most of it […]

Hey, everyone! I’ve recently changed my blog name yet I still haven’t lived up to it. Sorry about that. To make up for it and to celebrate my official Facebook Page,  I’m doing my first giveaway! Here are the items you could win:   * one polka dotted pink and gold clipboard * one gold-streaked […]

In the aspect of art, I’ve always been literary-inclined. I’ve written more essays and poetry than I’ve used a pencil to sketch. This comes as a suprise to some because I come from a family who designs for a living. My grandfather is an architect, my parents have taken architecture and have designed the interior […]